Elliot’s Short Updates for 2009-05-11 via Twitter

“The most important thing you learn in college is how to learn on your own.” – Steve Yegge, Practicing Programming # “The saying ‘practice makes perfect’ is inaccurate, as any music teacher will happily tell you. Perfect practice makes perfect.” #

Elliot’s Short Updates for 2009-05-10 via Twitter

Laptops bring lessons, maybe even peace – I participated in the first OLPC G1G1 program. It was the first netbook. # Microsoft has its good points, but the worst of Microsoft can be stated with two letters: IE. Please switch to Firefox, Chrome, or Safari. # Microsoft would be the world’s best company if…Continue Reading…

Elliot’s Short Updates for 2009-05-08 via Twitter

In vim, all I know are the basics, like :wq. “How I Learned to Stop Killing Myself and Learn Vim” # “We learned nothing from Vietnam coverage. The media led us right into the 2003 Iraq War.” Panel on the role of media: #

Elliot’s Short Updates for 2009-05-06 via Twitter – Overcoming video game addiction: #

Elliot’s Short Updates for 2009-05-04 via Twitter

I just learned about the “Open Quickly” feature in Xcode. I think that’ll save me some time. # Nintendo DSi – change screen brightness on-the-fly: press and hold the Select button, then use the volume control buttons +/-. # A similar outbreak in 1976 caused 1 death from the flu, but mandatory vaccinations killed…Continue Reading…

Elliot’s Short Updates for 2009-05-02 via Twitter

Just experienced what felt like a (very) small earthquake. In LA, 2 blocks north of USC. #