Walking around JPL

It’s about time I posted to the “Big Room” category, dedicated to the outdoors. I’ve found that when I’m cold and sleepy, I can usually wake up by walking (or, for faster results, running) around. So, I made up a goal that perhaps could add a sense of achievement to these morning walks: take a…Continue Reading…

Big Room

Today I introduced the Big Room category, dedicated to the Outdoors. First post in the category is about my visit Zion National Park. Also worth noting is that it was my first time driving through Las Vegas that I remember.

Hiking the Zion Narrows, Bryce, and Cedar Breaks

This weekend I went hiking with four friends from church and my dad. The friends were Peter, William, John W. and John H. Hiday was originally planning to come, too, but had an emergency meeting for work, so he couldn’t make it. John W. almost wasn’t going to come because he didn’t want to drive…Continue Reading…

Photo of a Marmot from my hiking trip

A marmot poses for the camera

Photo of town with a US flag

Back in town

Photo of Tony Feng during the Mt. Whitney hiking trip

Tony looking cool