Google makes Feedburner Pro free

This is totally awesome: Google makes Feedburner Pro free, as I learned from a blog post. When I have time, I need to go check out these Pro features, such as individual post stats and serving the feed from my domain, transparently. Excellent move, Feedburner.

iPhone Calculator Bug

This is an interesting bug in the iPhone’s calculator.

I need a Safari web designer

Why does this blog break in Safari, both on Windows and on the iPhone?

Web Clips Aren’t New

Steve Jobs announced a web clips widget at Apple WWDC 2007. I feel like I’ve seen it, or something exactly like it, before. It’s not new, is it? What am I thinking of?

Hawaii Grows Coffee

According to the cap of the Snapple iced tea I’m drinking now, “Hawaii is the only U.S. state that grows coffee.” It’s “Real Fact” #138, Snapple says, and you can get all of these facts at their website. I like coffee; don’t you? Where does most of our coffee come from, anyway?

Tiananmen Square Massacre

Today, June 4, is the anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre. This is an event I think we should never forget. Although I was only one year old when it happened, it’s striking to me to read about it. In the news you’ll find various articles about its effects on today, but what I wonder…Continue Reading…