25 Free Christmas MP3s from

Every day from December 1 to 25, is giving away a free Christmas MP3. They’re calling them “Holiday” MP3s, but we all know the real holiday is Christmas. 25 Free Christmas MP3s from

Win Free Skin Care Products

Adventures in Parenting is hosting a contest in which you can win some skin care products. All you have to do to enter is leave a comment at their site. Enter today!

Brain Apps on the Google App Engine

In my spare time over the past several days, I’ve been working on an idea I have for a web app that would keep track of thoughts from my brain. Sure, blogs already do that, but they generally have some structure. I require complete sentences, and posts aren’t easily kept public and private. I can’t…Continue Reading…

Firefox 3 Download Day is Tuesday

Take a look at all of the great new features coming in Firefox 3! Tuesday is the official Download Day for Firefox 3, so read more about it and sign up. I still have lots of Firefox pins to give away, so if you’d like one… just let me know! :)