West Loop Roadtrip – Day 2

We headed out later this morning than yesterday, but we still got to see everything we wanted to see. Today, we set out for Rainbow Point, another trail about 18 miles south of Sunset Point. During the previous night, about 6 inches of snow had fallen, meaning the area was full of the softest, most…Continue Reading…

West Loop Roadtrip – Day 1

Hey Folks, I’m Chris and I’m helping blog my roadtrip with Elliot. Not only is this my first real roadtrip, but also my first time blogging. So hope you enjoy. So begins Day One of our West Loop Roadtrip. After about eight hours of driving through darkness, “snowstorms”, and wrong GPS directions, we finally arrived…Continue Reading…

Hiking between walls of ice on Mt. Whitney

Hiking between walls of ice

Duane hiking through the snow

Hiking through the snow