Video Review of Brain Tuner

I randomly decided to search for Brain Tuner iPhone on Google to see who might be talking about my app, and I found that someone has done a good video review! So if you have a few minutes, watch it:

Microsoft LifeCam NX-6000 Flicker

We tried a lot of things to fix this: changing the camera’s resolution, downloading the driver (117 MB), etc. But the solution turned out to be a Microsoft Hotfix for video degradation. It’s KB article 949033. Enter your email address and Microsoft will send you a link to download the Hotfix. The email will also…Continue Reading…

Funny Video Clip: An Engineer’s Guide to Cats

This is one of the funniest videos I’ve seen in a long time. It’s an engineer’s guide to cats! These cats have varying aspect ratios and leaping capabilities. Actually, I’m allergic to cats, but it’s a funny video clip nonetheless. I challenge you to make a “An Engineer’s Guide to __________” video!

YouTube where Mike Huckabee’s young Iowa spokesman endorsed Ron Paul, “by mistake”

Yesterday, Ron Paul posted this: Did you see that funny YouTube where Mike Huckabee’s young Iowa spokesman endorsed me, “by mistake”? We know what was in his mind! Indeed, I am amazed at the friendliness of the supporters of other candidates. Many Obama voters, for example, in Iowa and New Hampshire are reading our literature,…Continue Reading…

OLPC Tablet? One Laptop Per Child Impressions

I finally received my OLPC XO-1 today… here’s part 5 of my video unboxing series. More below the fold…