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Elliot’s Short Updates for 2009-05-10 via Twitter

  • Laptops bring lessons, maybe even peace – I participated in the first OLPC G1G1 program. It was the first netbook. #
  • Microsoft has its good points, but the worst of Microsoft can be stated with two letters: IE. Please switch to Firefox, Chrome, or Safari. #
  • Microsoft would be the world’s best company if they made Internet Explorer open source & included Firefox with Windows. Not going to happen. #

Elliot’s Short Updates for 2009-05-04 via Twitter

  • I just learned about the “Open Quickly” feature in Xcode. I think that’ll save me some time. #
  • Nintendo DSi – change screen brightness on-the-fly: press and hold the Select button, then use the volume control buttons +/-. #
  • A similar outbreak in 1976 caused 1 death from the flu, but mandatory vaccinations killed at least 25. #
  • The 1918 flu, which killed ~50 mill, was thought to be swine flu. But we now know that was erroneous: recent research shows it was avian flu #
  • “It was a great effort,” Dr. Richard P. Wenzel said. “It just had unexpected, unfortunate side effects.” #
  • UPS just delivered my new Kodak M763 digital camera (sold by Dell). It’s so much smaller than our old one! Rechargeable battery a big plus. #
  • Recieved my Vote By Mail ballot for the May 19 election here in California. No idea what to vote for yet. #