Write the Docs

I attended the 2015 Write the Docs conference about writing technical documentation. The event takes place in Portland, Oregon, where a variety of speakers are covering topics ranging from code samples to customer forums and more. I’d like to take a few minutes to just hammer out a few things that stood out to me; this isn’t going to be nicely organized.

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Bitcoin isn’t real money

On multiple occasions, I’ve been told that bitcoin not real money. It’s generated by computers, and the people with the computers get all the bitcoin. This is an unfair system, favoring those who have special access to technology that we can’t get. Bitcoin isn’t created, controlled, or given value by government. It’s not recognized or accepted in most places, and it’s banned in China and/or Russia.

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Idea 377: Your computer should remember everything you’ve done

We spend a lot of time on our computers. Maybe even a majority of our time. And that’ll only increase for mankind as a whole going into the future. Computers are good at recording and storing data. They have better memories than humans (just listen to Episode 1 of the Serial podcast to confirm that!) And yet, they don’t. What we do on our computers should be leveraged. Index it, make it searchable, and make it useful.

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