Idea 377: Your computer should remember everything you’ve done

We spend a lot of time on our computers. Maybe even a majority of our time. And that’ll only increase for mankind as a whole going into the future. Computers are good at recording and storing data. They have better memories than humans (just listen to Episode 1 of the Serial podcast to confirm that!) And yet, they don’t. What we do on our computers should be leveraged. Index it, make it searchable, and make it useful.

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Why an Altcoin Could Beat Bitcoin

If you’d asked me early this year whether any altcoin could beat bitcoin, I’d have said: No.

And I did, in multiple conversations. “Bitcoin has the network effect. There’s no technology an altcoin can invent that Bitcoin can’t adopt. And for Bitcoin’s primary use case as a currency, it’s perfect. It’s the best form of money humanity has ever had.”

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