Elliot Lee

Hey there! I’m Elliot, a hacker + designer in Silicon Valley.


Elliot connects mobile devices with Greengar. At age 20, Elliot created the iPhone game Brain Tuner, which became an overnight sensation. It ranked #2 on the App Store with over one million downloads in less than three weeks; since then, the game has been downloaded over three million times. Building on his initial success, he founded Greengar Studios to develop and release over 20 mobile apps iOS and Android. Among these is Color Identifier, which appeared on Gizmodo, Geek.com, Wired, NPR, and The Atlantic. From 2010–2011, Elliot lived in Vietnam, establishing an office and development team in Ho Chi Minh City, and traveling around Southeast Asia and beyond. As a Computer Engineering & Computer Science student at the University of Southern California, Elliot completed summer internships with the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena and Google in Santa Monica. Elliot graduated Magna Cum Laude from USC in 2009.

Code. Economics. Bitcoin.