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Argument Against Abortion

Rush Limbaugh has the best argument against abortion I have ever read. After reading it, it’s no wonder that Rush is the #1 radio host. And it baffles me how anyone can support abortion after seriously thinking it through. You can read the whole argument in chapter 6 of The Way Things Ought To Be by Rush Limbaugh– probably available from your local library, which is where I got the copy I’m reading– or just read these major points…

  • He does not want to rehash the old, standard arguments, but just explain why he’s pro-life and proud of it.
  • “I believe that life begins at conception and that killing that human life is justifiable only when it’s necessary to save the mother’s life.”
  • We are now making decisions as to who lives and who dies on the basis of whether it is convenient for the LIVING. That’s dangerous.
  • “…just 7 percent of all abortions are motivated by ‘hard cases.'” 3% the mother’s health; 3% the baby has a possible health problem; 1% rape or incest. 93% birth control or societal reasons.
  • The most common justification is that it is a woman’s right to choose.
    • To choose what? Can a woman choose to steal, using her own body? Can she choose to do drugs, according to the law?
    • Consider prostitution and drugs, which are both illegal: there is precedent for society determining what a woman can and can’t do with her body.
  • The 2nd most common is that bringing a child into the world with bad circumstances isn’t right: for instance, if the mother is in poverty, the child might suffer.
    • We should kill a child in the womb so that it won’t feel pain and suffering growing up? We should prevent suffering by killing?
  • Debates on abortion rarely change anyone’s mind, so he tries not to get involved.
  • We have to admit that some of our actions as humans have an impact on society and they have to be regulated.
  • A lot of people say we should legalize cocaine and heroin: the people who are inclined to use drugs are going to do so regardless of its illegality.
    • But the fact that people are going to ignore and break laws is not a valid argument for decriminalization.
    • Standright and wrong and basic decency must be established and maintained.
  • The erosion of the moral fabric of society is a gradual, insidious process. It happens, bit by bit, almost imperceptibly.
  • “I am pro-choice. I just hope the choice is for life.”
  • It shouldn’t matter to pro-choice radicals if a woman is talked out of an abortion, yet strangely it does.
    • 2 reasons: (1) it is the sacrament of feminism, the fuel running their entire political agenda; (2) money.
    • Abortion is a huge business; if abortions are $300 each, the money being made on abortions is perhaps $450 million/year.
  • The majority of the American people are not in favor of unlimited abortion on demand, but the law was decided by Roe v. Wade, the decision of nine guys in black robes back in 1973– not a democratic fashion.
  • Suppose in the not-too-distant future a doctor is able to tell the parents of a baby in a womb that it will have freckles and red hair and be prone to obesity. Then suppose the parents decide they do not want a child who would suffer from those characteristics and abort on that basis? (It’s already happening with sex-selection abortions.)
  • One of those babies that was aborted 30 years ago could have discovered the cure for AIDS.
    • Beethoven had a wretched childhood.
    • Charles Dickens lived in poverty.
    • Would you have wanted to abort them?
  • “I’ve had women call me on the show and say they were almost aborted by their parents. You can’t imagine the emotional wallop that packs.”
  • “We have countless ways of preventing pregnancy, which, if utilized, would negate the need for so many abortions. Our society would be much better off if that responsibility were exercised, rather than abortion used as a selfish way of escaping what is, in truth, careless and reckless behavior.”

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