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The Mainstream Media is Biased

Read about the legislation sponsored by Ron Paul (Wikipedia).

And: What does freedom really mean?

Finally: Who would the world elect?

Giuliani got 95,876 votes already, likely from absentee ballots. I can practically guarantee that this is because the mainstream media picked him as the winner at the beginning. Only when everyone started to realize how much he actually sucked, did his support numbers finally start to dwindle. Of course, the people voting for him are far more passionate than he is. He dropped out of the race long ago.

Polls are rigged and idiotic, yet they seem to be accurate because they’re self-fulfilling. Many people I’ve talked with only select from the top 2 candidates. If they prefer #2 over #1, they select #2 even if they really believed in the positions and leadership ability of #4. I don’t necessarily blame them, the problem being that other people do this, too. Thus candidates that the MSM (mainstream media) did not select have no chance, despite the fact that a candidate which did not get media coverage may be a far better leader for our country. Continue reading