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Walmart’s Hours and a Lesson Learned

I am clumsy. I attempted to bring some delicious food to school in a tupperware, but it spilled in the trunk of my car. As I see it, about four things went wrong which caused this to happen. First, the food container itself was completely stuffed. This would be okay by itself. It was sealed shut, after all. Second, the container was put into a plastic bag, but I didn’t tie the bag closed. So there was nothing holding it into the grocery bag. Third, we were almost going to put the bag into a box, but I decided at the last minute to just put the bag in my trunk, assuming that the bag would be unnecessary. Fourth, I drove roughly, and I can imagine a couple of turns during which the food might have spilled.

So, if only one of those four factors were changed, things would be different. I believe that’s how most accidents happen. I read about a plane crash once. It wasn’t just one thing that caused it. It was a combination of factors; safety checks missed, unlucky equipment failures, and/or the wrong kind of weather. Thus it was with my spilled chicken, tomato, and mushroom dish. Oh well. I need to remember to tie all bags closed. Continue reading