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It’s Time to Vote

I voted before class this morning by dropping off my completed mail-in ballot at my assigned polling place. Got my “I Voted” sticker. Technically, I can drop the ballot off at any polling place in Los Angeles County. But I chose to go to my assigned polling place just in case. It’s only 0.8 mi away, so it was a nice walk. It was at a nice church, and I passed a lot of interesting businesses along the way– including a small mom & pop type of computer store. If I had more time, I’d drop in and check it out. Looking through the door, it looked like they had tons of semi-old computer stuff.

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Chuck Baldwin for President

Barack Hussein Obama is going to win California. Your vote is not going to change the outcome. However, voting for Chuck Baldwin will make a difference because each vote for him makes a serious difference. Though he’s a write-in candidate, every vote will be counted. He’s an official write-in candidate, confirmed by the CA Secretary of State.

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