WordPress: Export Emails Of All Commenters

I managed to export the email addresses of all commenters on a WordPress blog so that I could check if they’re using Twitter. This is fairly straightforward to do: 1. Using phpMyAdmin, export to CSV. 2. Using Excel, clean up the list: 2a. Import and set semicolon as the delimeter. 2b. Take the email addresses…Continue Reading…

WordPress Amazon Code Stripped Out

I had a weird issue today where the Amazon code was properly added in the editor, but when we went to look at it on the post, it wasn’t there. Switching between Visual and HTML editing options would strip the code, too. The problem was the Trustworthy XHTML plugin 1.1. “Gives you control over how…Continue Reading…

WordPress Convert Pages to Posts

It’s quite easy, and I see no downsides as yet: UPDATE `wp_posts` SET post_type=’post’ WHERE post_type=’page’