The Geek Syndrome

After reading this article, I think I might be slightly autistic.

Some of the characteristics don’t match me, but many do, such as these:

“… autistic minds soar in the virtual realms of mathematics, symbols, and code.”

“… computers are an ideal interest for a person with Asperger’s syndrome … they are logical, consistent, and not prone to moods.”

“… find it easier to use a keyboard.”

“[Silicon] Valley is a self-selecting community where passionately bright people migrate from all over the world to make smart machines work smarter. The nuts-and-bolts practicality of hard labor among the bits appeals to the predilections of the high-functioning autistic mind.”

“… the genes responsible for bestowing certain special gifts on slightly autistic adults – the very abilities that have made them dreamers and architects of our technological future …”

Wired 9.12: The Geek Syndrome

3 Responses to “The Geek Syndrome”

  1. xabious says:

    The Asperger Syndrome is a severe neurological disorder. Apart from the geekiness that many Aspies might show, most of them also suffer from serious social impairment and lead quite miserable lifes. Is that you?

  2. Elliot Lee says:

    Yes, to an extent. I try to overcome it.

  3. deekay says:

    i went to my doctor last week end! and yes am Aspie too!

    yay! i mean what ? there is nothing bad i am 15 a billionare 15 :P and i dint knew if i have any geek syndrome or anything i have been enjoying a good life with my computer but my parents they say i don’t have any frnds n all, so i kindda think i havta overcome of this too!

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