DIY: HP Printer Memory

Do It Yourself: HP Printer Memory

Ever thought about upgrading your printer memory?
Ever felt appalled by ads like this?

4 /4M /4P/4MP/4V/4MV/5/5N/5M/5MP/5P/5SI/6P/6MP
Well, the solution is here!
Following an idea from S?nke Behrens’ great “DIY HP Printer Memory” web site, I bought two 16MB standard PS/2 Fast Page modules, took about one microgram of solder and satisfied my HP 6MP to 35MB.

Here is the step-by-step description:

Take a look at this 16MB topless module, or better at the Presence Detect pads (PDs) in the top right corner.

These four pads are responsible for the right coding of the module; their state and can either grounded (GND) or not connected (nc). PD1 and PD2 code for capacity, PD3 and PD4 for access speed:

8MB 16MB
PD1, Pin67 nc GND
PD2, Pin68 nc nc

8MB 16MB
PD3, Pin 69 GND GND
PD4, Pin 70 nc nc

In the case of our topless module, the required 16MB coding at PD2 is already present. All you have to do is take some solder and close pad PD3. That’s it.

Source: DIY: HP Printer Memory

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