Google Job Opportunities: Google Copernicus Center is hiring

Google Job Opportunities: Google Copernicus Center is hiring

Life in the Googlunaplex

The Googlunaplex is a working environment that will be unique both because of its location and its design. Based on a working model constructed by Google co-founder Larry Page from Lego? Mindstorms%u2122, the facility features compact living quarters and a state of the art server farm that are co-mingled to maintain a delicate bio-technical balance. In traditional Google style, space will be used with extreme efficiency, with Googlunars sharing quarters with machines that generate search results as well as enough heat to warm the entire Googlunaplex and several hot tubs.

Naturally, Google’s earth-based culture will be replicated as closely as possible. An extreme sushi chef will harvest kelp and aquatic life from giant lava lamp oxygenators and the living space will be filled with colorful rubber balls (because of space constraints, they will be sub-atomic in size). There will be a steady supply of snacks and ample caffeine replenishment through a partnership with Starbucks, which will be opening a store less than a kilometer away in early 2006. Leagues for reduced gravity roller hockey games are already forming and massage therapists are undergoing special training on how to induce stress to counter the effects of a low-gravity lifestyle.

Giant lava lamps filled with biomass suspended in seawater generate oxygen for the complex

April Fool’s.

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