AMD Beats Intel in CPU Sales

Joe Consumer never “puts together” his computer or upgrades his CPU. Joe Consumer buys prepackaged systems with Windows XP preinstalled.

Personally (and probably a lot of /.ers are like me) I bought my last 2 systems as case, motherboard, CPU/heatsink, hard drive, CDROM or DVDROM and assembled them. The advantages for me were (1) I could pick Linux-friendly components, (2) I avoided the Microsoft tax, (3) I could pick AMD processors, which are simply better value than Intel processors. I’d assume that almost everybody who does this chooses AMD. Intel costs more because they can charge more for being the “safe” choice for people who don’t know what they’re doing, a perception they have built over the years with expensive advertising. There’s nothing wrong with Intel doing that, but a savvy buyer can get more for the $$.

Source: Slashdot | AMD Beats Intel in CPU Sales

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