Cisco Systems launches 92 tbps CRS-1 router

Cisco Systems has launched a new router including system capacity ofo up to 92 terabits per second and the first OC-768 packet interface. It will cost about half a million dollars.

4 Responses to “Cisco Systems launches 92 tbps CRS-1 router”

  1. Ghost says:

    he he, that would rock.

  2. Kimstov says:

    This is the ultimate speed! WOW! I never dreamed that within the boundaries of current-day technology I would ever find this class of switch!
    If only the price could be dropped to a slightly lower level. Maybee within 10 years or so, the technology will be in higher demand.

  3. jamal says:

    i need software ” program ” of [ local routing algorithms based on potts neural network . and example how these algorithms are work.
    dr.jame biati

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