Gmail Search Rocks

Google’s new free webmail service isn’t about the 1 GB space. It’s about amazing search technology. Forget filing and organizing email messages. That’s a thing of the past. With Gmail, you just type in a word or two that you remember from the email you’re looking for, and hit “Search Mail”. Instantly, the message appears. When you view it, the search terms are highlighted. Excellent.

I used it just now, and it works great. 1 GB space is just a marking number. You get that space, sure, but it’s no big deal. Follow my progress as I fill up the account… so far, “You are currently using 10 MB (1%) of your 1000 MB.”

3 Responses to “Gmail Search Rocks”

  1. Bas says:

    Gmail stinks!

    the whole search feature is much worse than even in my first wordprocessor program back in the 80’s!

    Why can’ you do partial search, wildcards etc?

    It is completely worthless, even eudora can search a lot better in your mail than gmail!!!

  2. Gurla Hertica says:

    I love it

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