TechTV | Dark Tip: Block the RIAA

Dark Tip: Block the RIAA

PeerGuardian is a free program that hides your file sharing from known RIAA informants.
By Kevin Rose
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You have a firewall to keep out hackers, so why not have a firewall to keep out the RIAA? If you’re running Windows, PeerGuardian does just that.

Keep RIAA informants off your case

Each time you launch PeerGuardian, it downloads the latest list of known RIAA informants and blocks them from connecting to your computer. The list contains hundreds of known IP-address ranges the RIAA has used to catch file swappers.

Does PeerGuardian offer 100 percent protection? No. If an unknown RIAA informant sneaks through, you’re still busted.

Remember, the best way to not get caught is to not share pirated files. Support the musicians or movies you love and pick up a CD or DVD. Then share it. (Just kidding.)

Grab PeerGuardian now. It’s free!

Download PeerGuardian

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Originally aired December 29, 2003
Modified January 23, 2004

2 Responses to “TechTV | Dark Tip: Block the RIAA”

  1. Anonymous says:

    blocking the RIAA is cool but I think peerguardian by default blocks too much the default config blocks over 700 million IPs many of which are legit websites and I can’t help but think that it’s probably blocking alot of ok p2p IPs too.

  2. Anon says:

    better than getting busted…

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