What to do with Spam


You can register with Spamcop for free, get an ID, and forward all spam messages (full headers) to Spamcop. They automatically trace the originis of the offending spam message, send a report to you, and you click on where to send the report, and it forwards it to the where it really hurts the spammer: their own internet provider.
Also forward all spam messages to:
[email protected]

This is a US Government address.
They are attempting to determine the extent of email fraud, although I doubt they understand the extent of spam.
For now, they are investigating various fraud and/or scheme scenarios, but they are still asking that ALL spam emails be forwarded to them.
stock fraud

If you’re solicited with stock/securities promotions, please forward the offending email to:

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

These are US government/trading organizations who want to know of any potentially shady deals. You are encouraged to forward any mailings which include stock/securities buy recommendations.
[email protected]

Forward all child pornography messages to the FBI at the above address.
[email protected]

Report drug scams here if directed to a USA addres, the FDA wants to know of potential drug scams.
[email protected]

Report Nigeria-letter scams to the above addy.

Direct other internet scam complaints to the above website.

Source: Anti-spam

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