American Cancer Society’s 24 Hour Relay for Life

Last weekend, I participated in the American Cancer Society’s 24 hour “Relay for Life”. It was a pretty neat experience. I donated $100, so I got a free t-shirt and 3 meal tokens (for lunch, dinner, and breakfast). I didn’t eat breakfast on Sunday morning (since I left quickly to go to church), so I have one extra token I’m keeping as a souvenir.

The relay involved, of course, walking around the Walnut High School track. However, nothing was strict or anything – nobody watched to see whether I was walking. So all in all, I probably did around 10 laps (or about 2.5 miles).

There was some free stuff in the booths around the track, including free sunblock, brochures, and food. The people running the booths setup their tents there for the night. Us on the teams setup our tents on the nearby soccerfield.

I got a passport for my donation, which needs to be stamped at all the booths. I got the stamps without knowing what the passport would do. At the end of it, they said to turn in the passports for the raffle – so I did. However, they also said that I must be present to win, and I left a little early to go to church, so I didn’t see the raffle. Wonder if I won? Doubt it.

I took a couple photos which I’ll post on here later.

3 Responses to “American Cancer Society’s 24 Hour Relay for Life”

  1. ACS Non-Supporter says:

    Thanks for your energies but they would probably be better spent elsewhere.

    See below article.

  2. Saving Lives says:

    The article mentioned above is very outdated and is no longer an indicator of what the American Cancer Society is doing in the fight against cancer. The ACS is on the list of the Top 100 philanthropic orgs, in the country today and they are utilizing the dollars raised to save lives. You need an updated article – look at last year’s Journal on Philanthropy – that is the latest and greatest about the ACS.

  3. Mike says:

    thats very good idea, interesting

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