Intelligence a prison?

from a comment at a Slashdot story.

See, what most people don’t know is that smart people like us, like many on Slashdot, are cursed. Intelligence is a frigging prison.

Why? Because we think ourselves out of the white picket fence. I live in the south where most rednecks are happy working in a factory and knocking up women like it was going out of style. And they love that lifestyle and God bless em for it.

But us? We think too d— much. We think until we push ourselves outside of the Matrix(TM) , and we sit here, eating some snotty goop and thinking “Why?’

So all you dumba—- out there, you know, those that could never fabricate a circuit board, never write a line of Perl, or tell the difference between Everclear and a nice Amarone: Consider yourselves lucky. You live nice, happy, simple lives. Fulfilling lives. You feel good when you die.

Us, the “smart” ones, on the other hand, live like savage refugees. We ask too many d— questions and pay the price for trying to pick the brain of God.

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4 Responses to “Intelligence a prison?”

  1. Katy says:

    yes, I am lucky.

  2. Blue Stater says:

    Thomas Jefferson once said something like: if one doubts God, go ahead and express your doubts with all your might, for God prefers genuine doubt over blind acceptance.

    Go Tom. :-)

  3. Chris says:

    Excellent statement, I tend to feel this way too. Your analogy brought another movie quote to mind, from Spiderman. With great powers come great responsibility, this is my gift, my curse. I was in advanced classes throughout school. I started programming at 4th grade, teaching myself basic in my spare time. I took the fast road through a tech school for electronics with my ‘I need to go deeper’ attitude. I had a decent job with a Lucent/Agere until the economic downfall. Right now I’m repairing vending machines, and hate the drudgery of repetition. Anyway, we got to hang in there, maybe one day the earth will shake the less intelligent away.

  4. One says:

    What if you’re eating snotty goop outside the matrix and still can’t program a line of code or trace a circuit board?

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