Motive SmartBridge

The Motive SmartBridge background task is installed with Verizon Online’s software which is included with their residential DSL service. It has an autoupdate prompt which runs at startup. I disabled it on my computer simply because I don’t know exactly what it does. Since I don’t have a use for it and anything running uses up some memory, I’ll keep it that way. Read the comments to learn about removing verizon online support center.

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  1. Andrew T says:

    ok, i do not have verizon or whatever its called, but a box titled ”Motive smart bridge ??” pops up with ”motive insight ????? motive insight ?????” wrritten accross it. The problem is, as ive never had the service it comes with, i dont no why its on my pc, and it crashes certain programs, namely battlefield 2142, twice on the morning i typed this, annoying, as i only bought my 4th copy the day before, (cd drive tore up previous copies, literally) it crashes my whole pc whilst im using bf2142, i cant find it on my pc and norton doesnt either, saying that norton sucks. Another thing is i cant find the damn thing!!! HELP!!!!

  2. Bruce says:

    Hi Elliot, Noted the excellent advice you have given re: Motive Chorus intrusions.
    I bought a new computer recently, but because of the difficulty experienced transferring my address book and email folders I continued to employ my existing older computer. A couple of days ago I logged into my new computer after a period of several weeks to re-run the Transfer Wizard in what proved the forlorn hope of overcoming the problem; when logging off I received an alert asking whether I was sure I wanted to log off because others who were working on the computer may lose their data. I was astonished, it’s not a shared computer, thus no-one else should be working on it. Naturally, suspecting a hacker I immediately switched off. When a few days later I again logged on, I could not get into the computer beyond the opening page of Windows data; there it stuck solidly. Eventually I used `safe mode’ and found Internet and other linking responses had ceased. I ran a complete computer spy-check and was told there were no-threats (I’ve since seen Motive Chorus does not show because it isn’t a virus) .
    I ran the Windows CD but it wanted to re-install the Windows program time and again, which still didn’t respond. The help programes of Thunderbird, BT, Internet Explorer, etc., didn’t respond but I then got an ERROR Warning reading `The Motive Chorus client has encountered a fatal error. If the problem persists please contact your Motive Chorus System administration or service provider. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.
    In other words this unsolicited intruder seemed to acknowledge that their interference was probably responsible for the damage to my computer (I have now read installing their programe can lock-up a computer, which is what seems to have happened to mine) resulting in the possible `fatal’ error referred to. I hadn’t previously the remotest knowledge who Chorus Motive were until my present search which shows they were issued with an American patent on 28/11/06. The question is are they deliberately causing these computer problems on unwitting computer users in order to impose their unwelcome service?
    Elliot, if I follow your above advice -supposing I can still get into the Start programes through `safe-mode’- and am successful in removing Motive Chorus, will this automatically result in a return of Windows and the other lost services, or is my computer now permanently damaged by this unsought intruder.
    Any help gratefully received,

  3. This URL indicates to me that I will not download startup.exe. I say better safe than sorry.

  4. Katharine says:

    I do not have or have ever downloaded anything to do with Verizon and yet I have Motive SmartBridge AutoUpdate coming up when I start up. When it is running, I cannot do a thing on my computer. It interupts whatever I am doing. It stays on my computer for anywhere from 1/2 to 3 hours (latest) I have checked my hard drive and I cannot find Motive SmartBridge. I have Spybot and AdAware on my computer now and it is still there. Can you tell me how to get rid of it.

    • Claudine says:

      Did you get a reply regarding how to delete that nasty motive smart thing? I am having the same problem and am looking for a solution. Thanks

      • Katharine says:

        I didn’t get any help about removing it but I was talking to a colleague and he said to go to the start menue, then run and type in ‘msconfig. When the screen comes up, find” it and delete it. I don’t know if it took it off my computer completely but it doesn’t run when I start up anymore. Good luck


    when i open my tally ERP9 version, i press ALT+F2, the date could not appear, it shows “motive insight does not seem to be running”, please start motive insight and try again, how can I solve this problem ?

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