Quote from an Interview with Matthew Mullenweg

I have a linklog started awhile ago. I don’t think I’ve added to it lately, though – I’ve been focusing more on my blog.

Here are some interesting words from an interview with Matt Mullenweg:

Asides are basically short posts, usually focused around a single link. I’d always flirted with the idea of a link log like Anil Dash’s, but I wanted something more flexible with more room for commentary. Once I sat down to do it they only took about 20 minutes to implement and I wish I had done it months ago. If you look at my archives you’ll see that my posting peaked the forth or fifth month of my blog and has been declining ever since. I had built a burden of audience in my mind that was really impeding my writing. Every entry had to be at least a thousand words or I felt like I wasn’t doing justice to these Giant Headlines set in Dante above every post. I still enjoy writing those entries, but it was subconsciously stressful because I was holding so much back because it wasn’t “significant” enough for a post. Weeks would go by without anything. Most of all, the blog was becoming less useful to myself because I had no personal record of all the things that were going on. Some people like the asides and others have stopped reading my blog because of them. Either way, I like them and it’s my site. People were surprised when their feed reader checked my blog and there were 50 new entries, but that’s how much I was holding back on a daily basis. I’m in love with my “Press It” favelet.

TheUberGeeks.net – Matthew Mullenweg

The first link log I know of is Rex’s Link Log which appears to have started in April 2002. I found the log because it was one of the first sites to link to my site GizmoBytes :)

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