Why Not to Use Xanga

Some good info in here.

Friend: elloit u should switch over to xanga instead of blog
Me: xanga sucks..
Friend: lol
Me: i created my xanga in march but it’s just a commercial business
Friend: ic
Me: they force ads on your blog
Friend: ic
Me: the features are horrible and you can’t customize very much without paying $
Friend: im not surprised
Friend: so ur making money off of xanga?
Me: no. xanga is

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  1. Chris says:

    that and the ad seems to have gotten bigger…

  2. Kim says:

    That too.

  3. xangawhore. says:


    it messes up the comments. i think i’d rather have weird comments than an ad though.

  4. Cassandra says:

    Xanga is GOOD you just have to stick with it a got free xanga premuim 4 20 days then i still stuck with it and now i have free xanga premium 4 as long as i want it!

  5. anne says:

    livejournal is better than xanga/blogger.
    though blogger>xanga if you’re comparing the two.

  6. Nomis says:

    I’ve been with Xanguh for a while, I think it’s just great. My layout has many adjustments, but it’s still simple, so yeah. Thanks for the banner removal code (: Check my site out.

  7. Insomnie says:

    Wow. This post and this comment is a pretty interesting read. Here are my opinions about all these things.

    I personally like xanga, blogger, livejournal, and other manual ones (wordpress, b2, etc…). I don’t mind at ALL. But why diss Xanga? It’s not bad. Try to validate? Of course it can’t! But (ho, ho, HO), fix your blog a little before saying stuff like that. 7 errors were found during your XHTML validation (13 if you validate comment pages) and 2 were found during the CSS validation. Plus a large amount of CSS warnings.

    And anyway, with a little patience, you could make a xanga look not that bad. I once had a layout that make it look like a wordpress powered blog! That was fun :D.

    And anyway, the javascript is just to help enhance it a little. The kids who put things like that on are just school followers with DSL. They think it’s “k00l” because some person started to and now it’s the trend.

    So it doesn’t really matter what those kids think NOW about how a website works. Because some people I know have learned a little HTML from playing with xanga and they are (a’hem) kinda… thick. And they are either going to get interested and get into a Webdesign class in 10th grade or never use blogs or websites or anything again later on. And if they think it’s to the trend, they’ll start to browse things and soon, they’ll discover validation and things.

    So why do other people’s blogs mess with how YOU feel about the site that hosts them? What did XANGA do? It’s not like Xanga allowed scripts that slow YOUR Xanga down. They didn’t do anything in general. It’s like a free web host. Of course they should put ads to make a profit, but if you hate them just because they host immature people. Then wow, you’re a bit shallow I must say…

  8. Ranjani says:

    Finally someone who feels the way I do. My whole school is so actively engulfed in Xanga that it sickens me. And the blogrings are the worst. Why join something you can’t contribute to at all?

    I think I love you ^_^

  9. Kim says:

    Hm… looks like xanga is just as sneaky as we are. Ad removal no longer working…

  10. Kait the Great says:

    Uhhhmmm, there’s some xanga groups that give you FREE LAYOUTS.It’s just a place to write down your thoughts and such, so what does it matter how it looks?

  11. Kriti says:

    How is Xanga going to maintain their servers without paying.

    You can customise your Xanga. A lot.

  12. Evan says:

    Hey Does Anyone Know The HTML Code To get Rid Of That Stupid Ad At The Top Of Xanga Page??? GRRR ???

  13. Hi there,

    I really like http://www.thediary.org. By default they also publish ads, but if you send their support team an e-mail and ask them to remove them for you, they do so without questions. Guess they have to keep it profitable as well and show ads for users which don’t mind.


  14. Raya says:

    You can use an ad remover. I have one on my site. You can customize as much as you want. The only thing I can see good about xanga premium is the pictures. But you can still put pictures on your xanga w/o premium.

  15. bOxriPPer says:

    How about somebody leave a xanga banner removal script and all these arguments will be resolved.

  16. Deathborn says:

    You people need to stop wasting your life putting up blogs and what not to draw attention to yourself. Nobody cares about your life, who you are, what your ideas are, and what not. I don’t care
    about someone I’ve met online just by reading about them. Wow, you’re 15, That’s amazing! I should be your friend then! If anyone actually thinks like that they should be shot for being so incredibly dimwitted. Honestly, as Maddox once said, “How do you dumbasses manage to breathe?” I believe that quote goes here. Thank you for your time, and get a grip on reality.

  17. Deathborn says:

    I know that text wasnt related to your article, but really, if you’re going to attack a site just for ad hosting, are you some kind of hippie going against the “Corporations”? You can’t escape “corruption” as you might call it. Think about it, if you’re going to be pissed off for every damn thing that has a negative secret, then your life is going to be a lot sadder, I must say. In conclusion, stop spending your time on a stupid blog and do something with your life.
    I hope you have been enlightened by this.

  18. hoogli says:

    i admit that there are stupid people on xanga. but i’m not one of them. xanga’s HTML is wasteful, but most xangans have cable or DSL, so it doesn’t make much difference. there’s only one banner advertisement, which i think is OK. the only problem is that a lot of the popular layouts look HORRIBLE on firefox. and the “darkplayer” music lists don’t work on firefox, either. although it worked for me for a few days…

  19. bOx RiPPer says:

    Dude, chill out. It’s only a blog. Some of these people are addicted to their xanga.

  20. blah blah blah says:

    random passerby here. surprised with ppl still commenting on this, when the post was practically a year and a half ago. good job with the provocative issue, i guess. like flies to honey and moths to light.

  21. cal says:

    i think xanga’s like buying an ipod. technically speaking, we all know well ipod sucks compared to everything else on the market (that’s at a substantially lower price). why do we buy em? cuz everyone else has em.

  22. iibaru says:

    Ya know what, I think you guys all seem to give way too much of a —- about what someone you’ve never met and who you probably will never meet’s opinions about a stupid blog service. We all have opinions – we thrive in them. So shut up and get back to your xanga, jebus. T__T;

    (iIknow this is way after all the other comments, but I just had to say something. Sorry about that.)

  23. I think xanga sites can look elegant with or without ads, its simply a matter of making a nice layout. I like mine but maybe I’m just wierd, for my fans I’ll make it a skin.

  24. Jen says:

    These blog comments are hilarious. I have a xanga and three blogger sites, a Myspacem, a tagorld, and a livejournal…….eh.i like blogger….but to really say stuff I go to my own forum to do whatever..hehe..visit my forum!

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