First off, I’m not saying this program is a scam. “Studies” have shown that people do get their iPods. What I am presenting here are the hidden costs involved, which is how they make over $250+ to pay for your iPod.

The most obvious issue is spam, although people do not always realize this.

Please note that the email address you enter on will receive spam as a result. It’s easy to deal with, however – make sure you enter a “junk mail” address, one that you use to receive spam with.

I will update this with a report of the spam I receive – keep going down to see it.

8/14/04: My referrals are complete, thanks.

The definitive guide to spam

One day after signup:
“You may be the $25,000 winner” from PAPayment Office – claims to be from CashInEmai email list.l
“[your email address], are you a winner?” from PAPayment Office – claims to be from EndlessSavings email list.

Two days after signup:
“College credit for your work experience” from Amanda – claims to be from AllAboardExpress mailing list.

Note: this is not necessarily all of the spam they send. Some of it might be caught by my spam filter, and I don’t mention those here.

July 30, 2004:
“Sign up for the business that changes everything” from Alex and iMarketing International.

August 10, 2004:
“Funds are on hold for you [email address]” from CA Agent.

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  1. craig says:

    do u get junk mail though the post??? (i havent even opened the activation email if it makesany diffrence so my account isnt complete)

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