Domain Registry of America

Domain owners beware: you do not need to go with DROA (Domain Registry of America). Their renewals are overpriced: $25/year when you can get the same thing for $8.95 and less from other registrars.

They’re still at it: I got another letter from them today for .

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  1. jeramy says:

    damn thats ridiculous. ill stay with they arent the cheapest ive ever seen (pretty close tho) but i like their help too so i think it is worth it.

  2. sam says:

    i just got TWO mailings today. is it legal to harvest home addresses from the whois records

  3. Nigel Hill says:

    I also receive these letters from Domain Registry of America.

    Their letter includes an self addressed envelope with no stamp. I send it them, with no stamp, and nothing enclosed.

    Tell everyone you can to do this. It costs them every time.

    They might get the message.

  4. Samuel Hills says:

    I get loads of these letters- I have loads of domains. It doesn’t help that my Mum doesn’t know why they keep arriving. I’ve decided a better way- collect all the letters I have recieved, and send them back to DROA with no stamp. The letters will take up weight, making them pay more to recieve their own scam mail! They can’t transfer my domains if I don’t include a payment method or anything, and I that way they will know not to send any more of these renewal notices to my address. I think others should try it. I got 2 letters today- for and As you say, Godaddy is alot cheaper!

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