I just signed up for and I’m already getting spam:

“You can claim your advance today and have it tomorrow” from Advance, [email protected]
“Your Publishers Clearing House entry affidavit is enclosed” from Winners Selection Committee, [email protected]

“Play to win $25,000” from PA Admissions, [email protected]

I’ve read in a couple places now that you can unsubscribe yourself from these mailings, and that Gratis Internet outsources it.

The offer itself, however, is not a scam. Want to sign up?

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  1. VP says:

    Yeah, I’ve noticed that too. Good thing I used spam addresses!

  2. Xraider5 says:

    HEY! i just created a BRAND NEW conga that barely has any people in it, which means you will be near the top of the list. if you want your best chance at an flatscreen, here’s the place to join:


  3. jon says:

    Only 2 people signed up!!! Covers all conga lines and for those that already have an account. There is also some how-tos.

  4. Jon says:

    I’ve set up a site that contains info about all the offers by Gratis, plus places to place referral links and or sign up. If your not interested in signing up, stay a while and post a little.

  5. steve says:

    brand new info site and conga line (currently just 2 people!) for free flat screens at : anyone joining will also get some extra bonus from the current user in the conga

  6. Ed says:

    For those of you who need more direction working through the Freeflatscreens offers, I suggest you visit If you need details about offers and phone numbers for cancelations, check out If you are looking for any free-stuff conga line, pay a visit to the GearLive Forums. Hope this helps!

  7. Paul says:

    Tell me about it. I signed up using my school e-mail address, and I just graduated, so that addy is no more!

  8. John says:
    Anybody who signs up with the link above can have as many gmail accounts as they want.
    Just signup and try one of the free trials.
    I have at least 600+ gmail invites!

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