Best viewed with a computer – a joke or a serious statement?

“This site is best viewed with a computer.”

I remember a time when this was meant to be a joke, and it was funny.

Sometimes people still take it as a joke. For example, I recently read someone state on a forum that it’s “hilarious.” It’s sort of a satire on the old “This site is best viewed with Microsoft Internet Explorer”, Netscape Navigator, or 800×600 or another particular resolution.

FYI, as every web designer knows, those logos and informative notices are deprecated and no longer used. They’re a sure sign of either a really old (behind the times) or a “newbie” web designer because the goal these days is to design for maximum accessibility as well as aesthetics.

Anyway, back to “This site is best viewed with a computer.” It’s still funny when interpreted in the right light, but it actually has truth to it now.

Don’t get it yet? Consider the many different ways that websites can now be viewed. It by no means must be a traditional computer; sites can now be viewed with cell phones, Palms, Pocket PCs, other handhelds, and screen readers.

2 Responses to “Best viewed with a computer – a joke or a serious statement?”

  1. girl in UK says:

    Lol! I never looked at the ‘best viewed with a computer’ that way before. In my opinion it freshens the old joke and makes it funny again! Thanks!

  2. rav0 says:

    I was thinking about this, and I thought, how about best viewed with a screen, but what if someone prints your webpage?

    Hmmm . . . while im typing this, other things come to mind.

    Best viewed with eyes; What if someone is visually challenged?

    Best viewed with a browser; What about feedreaders/syndicators?

    Best viewed over an internet connection; What about WAP?; What about offline browsing?

    Best viewed by a human; What if you taught a dog to use Opera/Firefox/Klipfolio/Feedburner/etc

    Best viewed with common sense; Why can’t -I- see your site?


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