Computer in my room

Having a computer in my room reminds me of a huge phase of my life which I’d almost forgotten.

Before I used AOL (I think), I used Prodigy. It wasn’t even an internet service – it was their own Prodigy software and their own services and content. It had online games and stuff. I used to use it all the time – I loved the different puzzles and stuff that it had.

Then Prodigy was gone, and we had Prodigy Internet. This was typical dial-up internet service, using dial-up networking in Windows 95/98/Me. I remember this because I used a Pentium 90 in my room to connect to it at 28.8k baud. Ah, I think this coincided with my Pokemon days. That’s right… I used it to develop my Pokemon website. I even did some *really* basic graphics editing. Oh man… how long ago was this? This was when I thought 16 MB RAM was enough and 24 MB RAM was pretty good.

And now I’ve got a Dell PowerEdge 400SC in my room using a wireless network to connect to Verizon DSL…

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  1. Uncle Jack says:

    I remember when I thought 16 KB RAM was enough :-)

    Sadly, I didn’t follow the advice of a friend who suggested I buy Microsoft stock because he thought DOS 2.0 looked pretty good and the company had potential.

  2. TheWraith says:

    Incidentally, my first computer was a TRS-80, and not that new fangled, high text “Extended Color” model, either! That model would become my second PC. Nothing like storing programs on magnetic tape in the form of basic audio cassettes. Still have that computer, actually. If I could manage to integrate an on-board AUI transceiver so I could afix an Ethernet port, just being able to PING the device would give me wood.

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