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so, about two months later, I finally get my order from order shipped 10/15/04 from China via fedex, arrived 3 days later on 10/18/04. I might post the obligatory pics later. worth nothing is that most of my completed referrals (if not all) came from people I don’t know in real life. these were all internet buddies. that brings me to another point. over the course of my life thus far I’ve probably talked to well over 1,000 people on AIM (just an estimate). and yet I still know relatively few people in real life. very few, in fact.

interested in now? sign up and help my sister.

feel free to post your link along with some comments as a comment to this post.

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  1. sam says:

    i need some referral’s please help

  2. R.L. says:

    I could use the help fellas, I really need that IPOD

  3. rev_20 says:

    its an

    its an AMAZING Cyberpower X-Blade Neon-lit PC

    email “ashvinvk at gmail dot com” with your link after you sign up at mine.
    You guys should leave an email too, so we know where to go.

  4. Mad says:

    please click here [Sorry, no referral links allowed.]

  5. Stephanie says:


  6. Iain says:

    Please help me get some more referrals, i need a few more to ge t my ipod, but everyone i have referred has given up and wont go through with it. So please help and use my referral link [Sorry, no referral links allowed.]

    Thanks a lot

  7. andrew churchward says:

    well im a full time student i cant afford to but an ipod but i also cant get a credit card so i cant do any of the free trials that you have to do making it impossible to get an ipod, what can i do??

  8. Zee says:

    Hey everyone, I wanted to get a IPod, ever since i herd of it (a long time ago) so please make my dream come true. here is the link: [Sorry, no referral links allowed.] Thanks alot everyone.

  9. lasifanar says:

    help me out! my dell dj broke (it sucked anyway) and they wont replace it for me, heres my link to freeipods! [Sorry, no referral links allowed.]

  10. Wombatt says:

    hi evryone i have signed up for a free ipod and i did not sign up on one of these CONGA LINES i just signed up on the actual website on my own but to get on the conga line you need to help the person get there referals 2 so i did not help that person so i can not get on the conga line so could u please help me and then i will help you go to this website and signe up through this link [Sorry, no referral links allowed.]
    if you do help me i promis i will help u get ur referals

  11. Nathan says:

    I need only three more referals to get my free ipod! If someone is willing to sign up and legitimately complete an offer, I’d do the same for them. I can sign up for a free PSP or pretty much any offer besides the, obviously. [Sorry, no referral links allowed.]

  12. Nathan says:

    This will help…
    you can email me at “smithnae [at] yahoo [dot] com”

    Like I said, I’ll sign up and complete any other offer in return for someone doing the same for me. Thanks!

  13. Jordan says:

    I just lost my job, actually I got laid off and I’m currently looking for a another one. I was hoping to be able to get my girlfriend an iPod for her birthday but there is no way I’ll be able to afford it now, can you guys please help me out?? [Sorry, no referral links allowed.]

  14. Stephanie says:

    If you want to help me to get a free Ipod go on [Sorry, no referral links allowed.]. Register youself, take an offer and find 5 friends! If you help me, i can help you to finding your 5 friends! You can email me at : [email protected]
    Thanks Stephanie

  15. Ricky says:

    I’ve been trying to do this for a year and i only need TWO more referrals!

    help a brotha out, please!

  16. JB says:

    pleases it would really help [Sorry, no referral links allowed.]

  17. Luckygrl says:

    Hello please help me get 3 more referals I only have two at the moment I’ll refer you if you refer me
    PLEASE want an Ipod for Xmas but don’t have enough money
    THANKS!!! [Sorry, no referral links allowed.]

  18. Andrea says:

    The RealArcade and MusicNow offers are free and fairly hassle-free, but pretty much all of the offers are pretty decent. Help me out! [Sorry, no referral links allowed.]

  19. Melissa says:

    pleez help me! idont get how to get a free ipod if anyone has MSN. my email for MSN is

    [email protected]
    add me to ur contact list and walk me through it. i REALLY WANT THE NEW ITOUCH!!!


  20. Avi says:

    help me plzz I really need a ipod I have wanted 1 for a long time but my parents don’t aprove to much money they say if you help me I will help you =)

  21. Free iPods says:

    It’s great getting free iPods isn’t it? Good luck to your sister, hope she gets hers also.

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