Set up a computer in my room

I’ve finally put a computer in my room. We’ve got tons of computers (about 12) lying around. The one I’m using is a Dell PowerEdge 400SC server. Bought it almost a year ago for $199. 2 GHz Celeron, 128 MB RAM. Still, a great deal for the price.

I stayed up last night using an hour plus the one hour gained from daylight savings to install Windows XP, SP2, and the wireless network adapter drivers. I’m using a Siemens S1022 (802.11b).

It’s a pretty sweet setup. I’ll post a pic later.

My desk has more space than before, yet I’ve added a computer. I’m using the 15″ KOGi LCD my parents gave me for Christmas a few years ago. It’s on a bookshelf and uses almost no space. The Dell keyboard was one of the extra ones sitting in original boxes in the garage – brand new.

When I have time I’ll probably upgrade the computer with whatever I have lying around. It’s a great case for adding stuff to – it’s huge.

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