Make $20,000 With PayPal Scam

Here’s an email I received… it’s exactly like the pyramid schemes that used snail mail and were promoted over usenet, message boards, and chain emails. It’s simply been revised to use PayPal – quite an inevitable next step, I suppose..

Make $20,000 With PayPal!
Follow the directions below and in two weeks you’ll have up to $20,000 in your PayPal account! There is a very high rate of participation in this program because of its low investment and high rate of return. Just $10 to one person!

If you are a skeptic and don’t think this program will work, I urge you to give it a try anyway! It really works!

If this program is only moderately successful for you, your PayPal account will have several hundred dollars deposited into it within a few days! You could have up to $20,000 in your PayPal account within two weeks!

Below is a PayPal link to open your PayPal account and make a $10 donation to Position 1. After you’ve made your donation we will bulk email this letter with you in Postion 1. Then it will be your turn to receive the cash! $10 will be sent to your PayPal account by hundreds of people just like you who are willing to send a $10 dontation and receive up to $20,000 in two weeks.

This Program Works Just Try It!
Participants in this program average between $8,000 to $16,000 and receive their donations within two weeks.

This program does not violate title 18 section 1302 of the postal and lottery code.

Remember time is of the essence. You can choose to live paycheck to paycheck or live free from finacial bondage. Become a part of this donation program and help people help people!

Position 1. [email protected]

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Okay everyone, this “[email protected]” wants money. Don’t send him any :)

8 Responses to “Make $20,000 With PayPal Scam”

  1. mom says:

    There is no shortage of suckers. “Too good to be true” deals usually are just that.

  2. MMatrix says:

    Isn’t it funny how stupid people are…

  3. Charles Ponzi says:

    No, this one wreally w0rk5.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Don’t worry PayPal will realize it is a scam and hold the money. They will keep it themselves as they have done with thousands of other scams. PayPal does not care about the people who lose. It keeps them in funds. They will freeze the account and not listen to any pleas. PayPal are the real scammers!

  5. Anonymous says:

    I just called paypal and they said that this scam is against their user agreement.

  6. Anonymous says:

    :p I moderate a few forums, if I want I can just edit the paypal address people post to my own, lol. Will teach the guy who created it for telling people to spam forums :p

  7. Anonymous says:


  8. Bored says:

    Duh, just give PayPal a chargeback with your credit card company.
    As in many instances of Federal Law, a company can not compel individuals to sign away their consumer rights, in this case the with a contract (i.e. paypal TOS). I’m sure that the F.T.C. would take this position in this type of case also. . Contracts that have people sign away their rights under the law are usually void, as I’ve seen mentioned many times on Government web sites. For example a landlord could try to get renters to sign a waiver of the Civil Rights act to avoid lawsuits, but the contract would likely be null and void. The obvious exception to these is Military where you sign away your rights as a citizen and agree to abide by the UCMJ instead. All this minutiae aside, I think the biggest deterrent for these companies (whether Governments have asserted their powers or not yet), is that 1. They don’t want to have Uncle Samantha determine they are in fact Banks and therefore operating illegally, probably by holding large amounts of money. 2. They don’t want to have the Feds go after them (and their officers) under R.I.C.O. (RACKETEER INFLUENCED AND CORRUPT ORGANIZATIONS Act) by diverting funds via their TOS, etc. 3. They certainly don’t want some hot-shot Trial Law Firm to target them for a huge class action lawsuit, which they will have to settle or go bankrupt. I’ll certainly be watching with interest on this one. Remember the S&L Scandal in the 80’s?

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