Mustang Technology Update

I’ve started a new segment for the “Mustang Update”, a weekly (roughly) TV program broadcast at my high school. I’m in the crew this year, and I’ve already had a big impact. Most weeks, I do the bluescreening (which has proven difficult with the equipment they have). Now, I’ve started my own little program I’ve dubbed the “Mustang Technology Update” (or the “Tech Update”). Here are some of my goals for the program:
– Computer and technology news
– Opinions from Walnut High School students
– Info on school tech matters such as new computer classes
– Updates on the Solar Car Project
It was a big leap for me, because I’m an introvert (not a very outgoing person) and haven’t been on TV much before. Now this new segment will change all that. I also intend to include info on what the Computer Club (which I founded) is doing, such as the website and/or programming competitions we’re planning.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Way to go! Keep challenging yourself to do something different. I am proud of you.

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