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Apple has released a very small Mac called the Mac Mini, and it will be sold for $499 (40 GB) and $599 (80 GB). It doesn’t include a monitor, keyboard, or mouse — but you can get those anywhere.

The Mini is the lowest-priced Mac; it used to be the $799 eMac. However, it does still cost $500, which is more than some PCs.

Do you remember Even if you don’t – I got a free iPod from them. This is the same company. It works.

[Update: Complete!]

Here’s the deal. You sign up, complete an offer (like sign up for a free offer), and refer 10 friends to do the same. Please use my link – it doesn’t hurt you in any way.

Include a joke or some clever statement with your comment and link. All comments missing this will be deleted.

P.S.: If you don’t already have a Gmail account, you can get a Gmail invite here.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    heya i’m really not sure what to do but i know that i want a free i guess i’d do anything, so wot do i do next? ummmm a joke, that is what you said i had to do isn’t it?
    rite well….um…..ok:
    knock, knock
    who’s there?
    police who?
    polise let me in before i arrest you.
    hahahaha! na it wasnt really that funny. well at least i’ve done what i had to .
    um please refer me I NEED A LAPTOP!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    please ineed a lap top for free help me.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Here’s a Great Equal Opportunity Conga for the Mac Mini:

    With Equal Opportunity, the referral link gets chosen at random. So instead of sitting waiting at the bottom of the list, everyone gets an equal chance to receive referrals. very cool!

    Check out the OC version at The line is still really short.

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  5. Anonymous says:

    I need some people to sign up for XBOX360

    If you sign up for me I’ll sign up for your MACMINI

    email me at [email protected]

  6. Anonymous says:

    HI HO HI HO!!

    its for an ipod shuffle, i already completed an offer, so it would be a shame to not finish!! help a brother out..

    [email protected]

  7. Anonymous says:

    I am a recent employee for the Gratis Network in Santa Clara California. I have quit that job and am aware of all the loopholes in these things in getting referrals done! These things are for real. We get paid by the advertisers to get you guys the free electronics and also free prizes along the way. I have developed a new way of completing referrals and letting others do the same. It is not conga line nor any other technique. I personally call it “Mirror Referral.” I am the host for this. What happens is first you complete my referral, then in a couple days (depending on when I check email) I use the software from Gratis and hack back into the system because they did not erase my employee account there. At that time I take the referral and (in easy terms) basically copy and paste it to yours 5 times in a row so you get your prize. So I can keep myself helping people do this, I delete the referrals using the software after giving you referrals so I can still gain referrals on the Gratis Network to “mirror” back between you and myself in order to complete your credits. I don’t need any of these things because working at Gratis for the years I have, they give you some of the small stuff they give away! So in order for me to begin the mirror process with you, complete my “mirror” referral and email me so I know! [email protected]. Remember, i cannot mirror it unless you complete the first referral!

  8. washu says:

    Signing up ill send you a few gmail invites, only need a few more referrals


  9. jon hitchen says:

    earn a free i book

  10. Anonymous says:

    I’ve noticed that after browsing 93 posts i have yet to see “I got my mini-mac/ipod today” posted by any one who posted on here previously. wonder why

  11. billpezzoni says:

    Somebody please help me her!
    I would like to get that macmini but I’m from Brazil, and it’s valid only, for USA & Canada!!!
    Does someone have an idea of how to get that stuff, or if there’s something similar for south american people?
    Thank u so much

  12. Thom says:

    Yet another Mini Mac account…feel free to help me out! It’s good for your karma, and easier than you think.

  13. Alan says:

    Hey, I’ve got an idea, whey not bypass the FreeiPod sites and free offers entirely. Instead, just get 10 ‘friends’ to give you $20 each, and go buy an iPod Nano. They just find 10 friends to do the same, and everyone’s happy.

    Sounds stupid? This is exactly the pattern that all of these schemes follow.

  14. K'vin says:

    o by da way u only need 5 refferals & the best thing 2 do to get one is by using the free trial for real rhapsody it’s great
    But remember to cancel in about 3 days unless u want 2 c a $10 statement on yur credit card

  15. Chainsaw says:

    Has any one tried that DavemanP thing? cuz it sounds like a scam for him to just get lots of referals

  16. Justin says:

    The graduate with a Science degree asks, “Why does it work?”
    The graduate with an Engineering degree asks, “How does it work?”
    The graduate with an Accounting degree asks, “How much will it cost?”
    The graduate with an Arts degree asks, “Do you want fries with that?”

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