Spamming incident on GC

We had a little spamming incident yesterday and today. Someone posted meaningless jibberish on all forums, including an obscene image. It took some work to clean up, but I think I’m better having had the experience. For one thing, I’ve now installed (and used) a phpBB mod that allows me to delete all of a user’s posts with a click. The question I want to ask is: Why?

I’ve been told: “its revenge, and for what the site admin has done, he deserves it”.

When asked to elaborate, they said:
“well he only runs the site for the money”
This is simply false. The ads on the site barely pay for its hosting; we have no pop-ups, no banner ads, no image ads whatsoever. All we have is Google AdSense, and that’s relevant to the content.
“the admin wont make another admin”
There are good reasons for this. It is not negligence.
“but he comes on every 3 days for 5 minutes, he lets just the mods run everythiong, he only runs it for the ads money”
Actually, I visit the site daily. It may be for 5 minutes, but again, I do not make any money from the site. I run it as a service for the community.

I don’t see how any of my actions could be interpreted as bad, or how I could improve for the future. Sure, we have stronger rules and enforcement now. But I think this spammer, and associates, are just immature kids without lives. Yeah, that’s probably true… they probably don’t deserve to be even mentioned in my blog. But it’s the first time GC has had such a serious problem, so it warrants a little reflection.

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  1. Rod (Geekerati) says:



  2. ... says:

    im really sorry for the incidents, i am guilty, i admitted it, and i can assure you it wont happen again, allthough i have mentioned who led it, and have given evidence, no action has been taken, i have asked for and succeeded in getting my account suspended as i think i deserve it, im really sorry for what i have done to the community, when i get back on i will post an apology to the community for my childish action

  3. IamTheKing9 says:

    You’re right, Elliot. The thing is, it would be good if there was something that could stop spamming automatically. But the bad thing is that there isn’t such a thing, other than an e-mail service’s Spam Filter.

  4. mondine says:

    Interesting story, from a historical perspective. That answers a question or two I had about the previous goings-on at GC.

    Reading this, and a few other entries and comments, I’m just struck by one thing.

    I hadn’t actually realized before how easily-identifiable Eric is, just by his somewhat-chaotic writing style.

    Other than that- yes, just a sad episode.

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