Blogger Improvements

One nice feature of WordPress is that it lists Incoming Links in the Dashboard. From there I visited some of the sites linking to me. It’s very interesting to find that there are sites out there, that I’ve never seen myself, linking to my site. I love it – it really adds to the blogging experience. One of the most interesting of these is EEguy, a blog on BlogSpot written by someone with the same first name as me.

Since Google acquired Blogger, I’ve noticed a number of changes. Although the improvements didn’t come immediately, they have been coming. They’ve had a few hiccups, including an initially horrid commenting system and technical difficulties. But overall, the new templates, removal of ads from BlogSpot, and the improvements in the way comments work have made Blogger much more interesting. If they keep this up, Blogger could soon pull users from services like LiveJournal and Xanga.

Another blog that has linked to me is especially interesting because it’s running on ModBlog. I don’t personally know anyone using that service. Although they don’t appear to have any especially compelling features, it appears to be very good and overall well-designed.

For people who can manage it, however, I still recommend running your blog software on your own server or hosting space. WordPress is one of the best of these, as I’ve said before.

But whichever path you choose: if you’re not blogging yet, you’re missing out.

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