Why 47 is great

I found this page to be especially amusing.

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 Reasons why 47 is the greatest number in existence!
Here are 23 1/2 facts; half of 47!
It's the meaning of Life
All important people have 4 letters in their first name, and 7
letters in their last name
Luke meets Yoda in the 47th minute of "The
Empire Strikes Back"
47 cans of dog food fit in a shopping bag
There are 47 species of Mosquitos in
The square root of 47 is an
irrational number
In Panama, the Atlantic Ocean is 47 miles from the Pacific Ocean
47 is the largest prime number whose digits
are opposite each other in the number sequence 1-10.

47 is the only number which can be added to and multiplied by two
to get answers who’s digits are reversed: 47+2=49 and 47 x 2=94

47 is a "triple prime." It is prime, the sum of its
digits (11) is prime, and the sum of those digits (2) is also prime.
The Pythagorean Theorem is Proposition 47 of
Euclid's Elements.
The Declaration of Independence
consists of 47 sentences.
Pancho Villa was killed with a
barrage of 47 bullets.
 Ceasar proclaimed "veni,
vidi, vice" in 47 B.C.
The tropics of
Cancer and Capricorn are 47
degrees apart.
 The New Testament credits Jesus with 47 miracles.
 Thomas Paine's original pamphlet entitled "Common Sense" was 47 pages long.
 Rolaids consume 47 times its weight in excess stomach acid.
It takes 47 divisions of one cell to produce the number of cells in the human body.
Johnny Unitas threw touchdown passes in 47 consecutive games.
The 23rd digit of pi is 4 and the 47th digit of pi is 7 and 23 is half of 47 rounded down.
Sir Francis Drake returned from his circumnavigation of the world

with enough stolen Spanish treasure to repay his backers their investment 47 times over.
The Earth's spin axis is tilted 23.5 degrees from the sun, so that the sun moves a total of

47 degrees from south to north across the Earth's sky between the winter and summer solstice.

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