Gizmo Put to the Test

Today we tried out Gizmo, being prompted by the minute from Michael Robertson of and Lindows/Linspire. It’s pretty nice. He’s touting it as a better alternative to Skype, which has become immensely popular as of late. I’m glad to see that there’s going to be some competition. If I got some decent hardware, I could easily use this to replace a landline and even cellular phone. The internet connection doesn’t need to be extraordinarily robust. Anything equivalent to the speed of what a 33.6k modem would provide, or faster, would be fine.

Assuming abundant free wi-fi access points, I could just take a laptop with me (which I’d do anyway) and forget the cell phone.

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  1. wasim says:

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  3. Leland says:

    Yeah, I should be good to go with my pocketPC as soon as our citywide WIFI gets off the ground, its already almost set up, they just need to start it.

    It will also be kickin once the DS gets online!

  4. david says:

    I have a imac OSX 10.? or G4 I am not computer literate.

    WHo can tell me how to recover or reset a password.
    The instructions from Yahoo are probably soo difficult & detailed I think Yahoo wants to give me high blood pressure so they can see me die and then collect my money.

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