AdSense Journal

It’s about time that I posted in my AdSense journal. One thing I’ve noticed is that my posts tend to be a bit long and boring. I’ll make this one brief and to the point. Yesterday I added AdSense to I don’t expect it to really go anywhere. But it does look nice.

I’m looking to expand. Surprisingly, now averages 1525 visits/day. It’s about time for the interesting, relevant ads to come back here. Maybe tomorrow.

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  1. Eric Giguere says:

    Elliot, you left me some questions about my book on the Make Easy Money with Google blog, and I’ve answered them. Please look specifically at the entry Answers to a visitor’s questions.

    I’m sorry, by the way, that the AdSense ebook you purchased hasn’t worked out for you. Probably my book would have been enough (and it’s much cheaper!) but then again you’re a techie guy and my book’s for non-techies (so yes, it’s ideal for your mother, I suppose, though I don’t know anything about her so I’m really just guessing about her computing skills).

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