GameCube vs Other Consoles

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by BronxBomber (633404) on Tuesday July 12, @09:18AM (#13041362)
Among all the hype with all 3 consoles, I hope as much attention is being paid to game playability and fun factor.

The Genesis, NES, and TurboGraphx16 werent online (well, the Genesis was with XBand eventually), and some of the most innovative, playable games were released on those 3 platforms.

Super Mario Bros 3, Earthworm Jim, the original Metal Gear, Final Fantasy – a long laundry list of original titles.

Here we are now in the wireless age and I cant count how many shooter titles are on the Xbox, or generic RPG titles are available on the PS2. The GC clearly still holds rank with gameplay innovation, but interestingly they sit 3rd overall in the worldwide console battle.

Its kind of sad, really. The market seems to be more concerned with whether or not I can get on the net with yet ANOTHER device, instead of making games compelling enough for me to WANT to get online with it.

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