Making things easier

There is a lot of demand out there for people to take something that’s hard to access and make it easy.

For example, I created a script that checks the Google PageRank of a site. It’s nothing fancy. It’s all bits of code that I found using Google, and then packaged it together for easy digestion.

You can take something that’s free, make it easier to understand, and then sell it.

People are desperate for this type of thing. Take something that’s hard to use. Make it easy to use.

It takes someone who understands what’s being dealt with. But in the computer world, there are many such examples.

The clearest examples are the little PHP scripts I’ve made. Tomorrow I could spend all of half an hour to make a new one. It won’t be new or especially interesting. But it will be clear and easy to understand. It will be well-documented and easily digested by the masses.

It’s about reaching a wider audience. All they need is something easier to use. And they love it.

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