Apple finally begins to accept that dual-button mice are superior

A single button mouse is one of the most ridiculous things that Apple still holds to. As if it makes the computer “easier to use.” Do people only have one finger? (My apologies if you do.) Two button mice make more sense. Two buttons increases overall productivity by 30%. (80% of statistics are made up.)

Apple Mighty Mouse

It’s the Apple Mighty Mouse, and it features two-button capability. Though you also have the option of using it as a one-button mouse, because the left and right buttons are distinguished by touch-sensitivity. Probably something like the iPod. It also has a built-in trackball-like object (but smaller than a trackball) dedicated to scrolling/panning/etc.

It’s pretty nice. But at $49.00, I’ll stick to my $12.99 blue USB RadioShack optical mouse.

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  1. GreyscaleFox says:

    I so want this, but I think Apple have shot themselfs in the foot with the £50 pricetag. Over here in Blighty, I can get a better mouse for that price, but would concider paying a bit more for an Apple product. But not _that_ much more!

  2. […] The wireless mouse is my favorite part. It was on my wishlist! It’s exactly, and I mean exactly, what I wanted. Just a basic optical mouse with two buttons, a scroll wheel (which can also act as a button), and a wireless receiver that is stored in the mouse (the hole you insert it in also has a flap cover so it’s kept covered when the mouse is in use). I’m using the mouse right now: the batteries came charged (not sure if they’re completely charged or just partly charged, but they’re charged enough to use! And they came in plastic shrink-wrap, so it’s clear that they’re new ). The mouse is really cool. Audrey said she wants my old mouse (the Radioshack one I mentioned here, which has been my primary mouse for the past several months). We’ll see. […]

  3. Anonymous says:

    The Mighty Mouse sucks. That ball isn’t as good as scroll wheels in Microsoft and Logitech mice. For $50, I can go wireless and get a keyboard to boot.

  4. Elliot Lee says:

    I must say that Logitech mice are better. I have a Logitech MX Laser wireless mouse (with side scrolling) and I can’t imagine it being better.

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