Blogging Challenge

I am amazed and excited. The comments I’m getting are simply mind-boggling. Here’s a sampling of some of my popular posts that have gotten recent comments:

One terabyte
Tenth planet
Yahoo mail or Gmail
phpBB cash mod
Mac mini
OS X password recovery
… and loads more I don’t have time to include.

Plus, you wouldn’t believe the comments I’ve deleted. Some are seemingly intelligent, but are full of cuss words; thus making them wholly stupid. Some insult other comments and commenters. Some are strange. Some are interesting. Others are too interesting to show publicly. So I delete them :-)

Just FYI, today I approved 201 comments and marked 234 as spam, in addition to doing a little cleanup here and there. If you find something ugly, let me know right away.

Keeping this blog online and properly maintained with public comments is really a challenge. It’s really incredible!

25 Aug 2005
116 comments approved
1 comment deleted
30 comments marked as spam

One Response to “Blogging Challenge”

  1. Darren says:

    Yes I too have noticed that you’ve had a huge amount of comments being posted on your blog and would just like to say I wish you all of the best of luck with it.

    Keep them interesting posts coming Elliot I see good things happening to you in a not so distance future!

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