Apple iPod nano

Today Apple released the new iPod nano, which comes in black as well as white, and in 2 GB and 4 GB versions. It also has a color screen and a clickwheel.

Steve Jobs with the Apple iPod nano
Steve Jobs with the Apple iPod nano

Here’s one thing to note, from a review:

Not Quite a Full-Grown iPod

Although the iPod nano can display pictures and slideshows like today’s color iPods, it doesn’t have all the capabilities of these iPods. For example, you’ll find no TV Out commands in its Slideshow Settings window because it can’t project pictures to an attached television. Also, it doesn’t work with Apple’s iPod Camera

Connector or Belkin’s Media Reader, which means you can’t upload pictures to it. And although the Diagnostic Screen shows a LineIn test, current iPod microphones require a connection to the Remote Control port as well, which is missing on the nano.

Black iPod nano
Black iPod nano

Will I be getting one? Probably not. I’m happy with my Creative MuVo N200, and I recommend it to anyone who wants line-in, a built-in microphone, FM radio, and FM recording. In addition, I’m saving up for those Intel PowerBooks :)

How to Upload Pictures to the iPod nano

It has to be done in iTunes, rather than dragging and dropping through the Windows interface. Go to Preferences -> Photos. Your iPod needs to be plugged in. From there, you can select which photos to synchronize.

23 Responses to “Apple iPod nano”

  1. Katy says:

    Cool the way you got your name on the picture!

  2. WJ says:

    I just got a black 40G iPod Nano and a digital car interface to hook it up to my VW Jetta Wagon 2002. Everyting worked flawlessly. The black iPod is stunning. It has a clear and bright color screen and feels solid. The only problem is that the shiny finish smudges very easily and will probably get scratched easily if not protected.

    I was wondering: could it be that the nano2TV slideshow connection will be made possible through the dock via a 3rd party (or an Apple accessory) solution?

    You could tell from the inclusion of black on the Apple web site, that the new Intel machines will come in that amazing color (appropriate “move to the dark side” with the move to Intel)

  3. Jake S says:

    It can do a lot of things that it’s older brothers can… like propegate pyramid scams.

  4. dave says:

    i really want one of these

    i like the black the best im just worried that it would snap in my pocket if i leaned to far forward to tie my shoelace or something

    but thats just me being paranoid

    i cant see people wanting the ipod mini or shuffle now

    no wonder there so eager to give them away with walkers crisps?

    oh and jake s check out
    about the pyramid scams?
    they look pretty legitimate to me
    multi level marketing programs work but not for everyone

  5. Bill says:

    This is to WJ. The iPod nano do not come in 40 gig models. They only come in 2 and 4 gigs. Maybe your made a typo.

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  7. Eddie says:

    Can you recommend a microphone or voice recorder that is compatible with the nano?

  8. I’m just about to purchase a Creative N200 and I was wondering if you’ve ever tried to record your professor in a class? says that it’s capable of recording lectures, but I’ve read other reviews that claim the mic must be close to the source. I’m just trying to figure out how close I need to be to my professor for this to work. Thanks!

    p.s. In case you’re wondering how I got here, Google sent me because of a search string involving the N200 and a post concerning Professor Ko Honda.

  9. `BeWAER says:

    Aye shiet.
    This nano is crazyy yo.
    I jus found this site and it helped me do the whole picture upload thing.
    I love itt.
    I just dont know how to play the slide show..

  10. rob says:

    how do i upload pics to my ipod nano? pls help

  11. Milly says:

    I really need help with putting photos on my new ipod nano, could anyone help me? Thx!

  12. jz says:

    click the little ipod at the bottom right corner of your itunes screen, then go to photos and upload….anyone know how to play the slideshow?

  13. Jeannette says:

    OMGSH! i love my iPod Nano! its a great MP3 player for meh to use between traveling back and forth from school. Any Ways i followed “Jz”‘s instruction on how to upload the pictures to my iPod and it worked, but I don’t know how to start the slideshow. Does any one know how to do that?

  14. Jeannette says:

    Ok for those of you who were wondering how to make your slideshow work on your iPods. I went on Google and searched “How do I make a slideshow work on my iPod Nano?” and of course I found out! Ok, so this is what you do:
    1. Select “Photos” on your iPod’s Main Menu
    2. Select the first photo in you “Photo Library”
    3. When you have selected the first photo, press the “play” button.
    4. Your slideshow will now begin.

    If you want to change the time in between the pictures, the background music, the way the move from one picture to the next, or shuffle the photos select the “Slideshow Settings” button in stead of the “Photo Library” button.

    I hope this helps all of you that were wondering on how to make your slideshow work!


  15. superdave says:

    My lil big brother hookd me up with my Nano…and it was something Im not sure he wanted to do, since he just got it(#2)and all and i just came home from living overseas for along time(ipods are quite expensive where i was lving so i never got one). Anyway…i love the thing! It’d rock if it could play videos….Thanks bro!

  16. DEBBIE says:

    okay. so i went to preferences, selected the folder w/ a grp of photos in it (12.1 MB), clicked OK… & nothing. it’s not like i dont have enough space b/c i have 39.3 MB left. after i pressed OK, it said “UPDATING IPOD” & everything? AHHHH HELP? PLEASe? :0

  17. jasmine says:

    how do i upload pictures on my pink ipod nano?can someone help me.thanks bye.

  18. Guido says:

    Does anybody know of any 1st generation iPod Nano microphones that have a 3.5 mm jack on them?

  19. JJ says:

    Ok. I recently got a green 4G ipod from my friend. I was going to put songs on it but I only had itunes 4 on my computer, and I don’t have internet. So I went to My Commputer and then the ipod and deleted all the songs from there. After getting itunes 7 from school, I went to sync the files that I already had onto my ipod but there was some error that said the required file was locked. All the song names are still on the nano but the music isn’t there because I deleted it. I can still put photos on it though. Any suggestions would be nice!:)

  20. m-le[ii]gh says:

    i have jus brought an ipod nano off ebay and r waiting for it to come through how do i upload pics n it without using the net or itunes? plz elp me!

  21. jamebo says:

    i heard on the radio to go to this site and i would get a free ipod is this true

  22. CAM says:

    On XP, the problem with the ‘Locked’ file is caused when syncronising photos. iTunes creates a directory called “iPod Photo Cache” inside the directory from where you are synchronising your photos. Simply close iTunes, delete this directory and restart. If you cannot find this directory, you need to check our Explorer settings and ‘show’ all hidden directories and files. Naturally, iTunes will have to reformat and re-synch all the photos, but it works.

  23. Apple Blog says:

    I’m mad it’s discontinued. I still own mine for about 3 years now. I don’t care, man I still love it. I’m getting an? iPod Touch in 2 months though.

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