Pumpkin Pie

I had my first slice of EVK pumpkin pie today. It’s been rumored before that they have it, but they rarely have it in stock. I went to EVK right before closing time – 9:54 PM – and got one of the many slices that were sitting in the fridge. With a glass of milk, it was pretty good.

This morning I had six meals to use over two days. With the Cardinal Meal Plan, we get 10 meals per week. So I’ve been using them much more slowly than the average rate required in order to use them all. They reset Sunday morning, so I’ve got three meals to use Saturday. The most meals I’ve ever managed to use in a day is three.

The Engineering Career Conference is tomorrow. I’d better remember to wake up in time.

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  1. Katy says:

    Was there whipped cream? Yummy!

  2. Hey I wouldn’t mind trying some too, yummy! :D

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