Google at USC

There was an infosession with Google in the Seeley G. Mudd building, room 101. It was quite interesting. There were four representatives from Google there; two of them were USC alumni. Russell gave a nice presentation about Google. Specifically, he’s working on Froogle. I asked a few questions. Perhaps I talked too much. I rarely talk, but I can talk a lot when something really interests me. Google is one of those things.

Free pizza and drinks (sodas) were provided; I had a slice of mushroom pizza. I meant to ask them about the Google Pizza Program – oh well. I’ll email them about it.

They held a raffle for a Google jacket, laptop bag, lava lamp, and speaker. Of course, I didn’t win anything. But they gave out free Google t-shirts to everyone who attended. Awesome!

On my way back to my dorm, asian Jason, Shawn, and Nick (friends from Marks Hall) ran into me (on their way to Cafe 84) and I told them about the shirt. They ran all way to SGM to get one =) They owe me a free shirt now…

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  1. christine says:

    haha you never realized it?? haha it’s all good = anyways, sounds like you’re having a blast at USC! =D hope you continue having fun there ~ talk to me some time, yeah?, since you know my screen name now =D

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