Identity Fraud on MSN Messenger

On MSN Messenger, you can sign up for any email address you want, using it as your Microsoft Passport identity. This is stupid. I’ll leave it up to your imagination as to what kind of fraud this allows for. Of course, it’s only made possible by users who think email addresses automatically grant some kind of legitimacy. Email addresses are not identity. “From” headers are easily spoofed. Don’t be tricked.

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  1. Hey by the way did you know Cat from GC the other day tried to tell you about this but apparently as she opened a conversation window to talk to you, that stupid Msn Blocker thing she hasn’t managed to remove yet sent you a IM message saying “download msn block checker now” and you replied to that with “WTF Stop spamming” or something like that, when all she was trying to do was warn you!

    Can you shed any light on this?

  2. Elliot says:

    I’m sure that I never said “WTF” (I never say things like that). However, if someone tells me to “download msn block checker now”, I do ask them to stop spamming, as I don’t appreciate irrelevant IM advertisements. Apologies for any confusion

  3. Cat says:

    I cannot help this, and I intend to get rid if it as soon as I have time in my busy life. I do not appreciate being told to “not spam” as it is not intentionall. It annoys me as much as it annoys other people.
    (Darren, you got it wrong lol, he never said WTF)

  4. Ok then thanks Cat, I thought you said he did, I didn’t think at the time Elliot would ever say a thing like that’s why I said in my first comment above “or something like that” I guess you were rushing what you said and you mean to your self WTF look what Elliot said anyway it’s all sorted now, thanks you two! :D

  5. B3CKii3 says:

    ive been hacked on my msn account and some1 is using my account

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